Debbie's Blatherings (ohiblather) wrote,
Debbie's Blatherings

Major Andrew Olmstead's last blog post

I don't have time to do a proper Blathering about this today, but had to post about a New York Times article I read online this morning:

Andrew Olmstead, a United States Army major who had a blog, had written a post in advance. He gave the text to a friend and asked her to post it in case of his death. Andrew, who was 38, was killed Jan. 3 by small-arms fire from insurgents in Sadiyah, 100 miles northeast of Baghdad.

You can see his post here:

He quotes from Babylon Five and The Princess Bride, among sources. He wrote with humour and honesty; I wish I could have met him. An incredibly moving post, especially the paragraphs near the end about his wife.

Update: Out of respect to Andrew and his family, I ask that you please adhere to Andrew's wishes and not use this tragic event to push a political agenda in your comments. If you DO see someone doing this, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND to the comment -- if I see signs of a flamewar starting up, I will delete the comments involved. Thanks.]

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