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Seeking filk songs related to comics!
Hey all. I'm being interviewed by Comixtalk, and want to point people to filk songs based on or about comics. I've mentioned Ookla The Mok and some of their songs, of course, but I know there are many others. If you know of any, please do post info below (ideally with a link to lyrics). I'll include a link to this entry in my interview, and will also integrate your answers into my Filk FAQ. Thanks!

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Tom Smith's "Superman's Sex Life Boogie."

The album and songbook "A Wolfrider's Reflections," based on Elfquest.

Perhaps my own "Emergency Food Supply," based on Excel Saga, though I worked from the anime rather than the manga.

Definitely take a look at Four-Color Love, by Seanan McGuire.

I recall a few X-Men based filks on some of the British tapes (off the top of my head: "Child of Light" and "Rogue" on Phil Allcock's Phil, Philk, and Philched; "Guten Tag" and "Spiral" on Rhodri James' Laughter and Laments). I haven't had any luck finding an online source for lyrics.

If we're including webcomics, there's Rob Balder's "Quest for the Arkentools, Part I" (in the FuMP archive) and my "With Her Mind Bound Up In A Gestalt" based on Erfworld.

One comic based-song I always find compelling is Minstrel's "Elektra's Song"

I believe one of Phil Allcock's earliest compositions was the Redfox song "Requiem"

I'm not sure if you count newspaper comic strips, or just mean comic books, but two "Peanuts" songs jumped into my mind--almeda's "Red-Haired Girl" (a parody of "Brown-Eyed Girl") and lemmozine's Peanuts-based parody of "Vincent/Starry Starry Nights."

I've done one of my own, as well -- "The Beagle," a Peanuts-based parody of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer." I chiefly trot it out these days for three reasons: 1. it gets a room full of people doing the Peanuts-adult "wah-wah-wah" to the tune of "li-li-li"; 2. it's been known to prompt Lem to follow with the far more superior "Charles" that you mentioned; and 3. janeg likes it.

Thanks for mentioning. Title of that one is "Charles." If Bullwinkle counts (probably only to 6) there's my own Mr. Bullwinkle, Mr. Peabody's Lament (A Dog and His Boy), When I Grow Up I Want to Be Snidely Whiplash, and the one I posted a month or two ago, here on LJ, which I think is called Fractured Fairy.

Yeah, there's a line between "comics" and "cartoons," but technically speaking, there were Bullwinkle comic books published.

In case you were wondering about the provenance of the Redfox comic, here is a wiki reference:

A number of Brit Filkfen followed the Redfox comic in the late '80s.

Here's a link off Maureen O'Brien's Darn Near All the Filk on the Web site:

I've also got 'Oh, Helen' and 'Time Travel Girl', both based on Narbonic (a web comic).

The 2004 Pegasus had a Comic Book Song category. Already mentioned on this list was Elektra- others were

Arthur Curry by Ookla the Mok (Aquaman)
Catatonia County Rag by Julia Ecklar and Leslie Fish (Elfquest)
Superman's Midlife Crisis by Joe Giacoio
When I Grow Up by Mary Crowell (Roger Rabbit)

Lyrics linked at

As well as Minstrel's "Elektra's Song", he has a couple of others:

For Magnus, Wherever I May Find Him (X-Men)

Don't Look Back (Judge Dredd)

Most of the ones I thought of off the top of my head have been mentioned, so I'm left with pluggin' my own. *smiles*

"Let Me In," my Fables-based filk. (I would love to hear more Fables-based filk; that's a big hint to anyone out there ...) Here be the lyrics.

Not a comic book, but a comic strip: "The Beagle," my parody of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer" from the point of view of Charlie Brown: "I am just a young boy with a head shaped like a globe," etc. I replace the "li-li-li" with the Peanuts-adult "wahh-wahh-waah," which makes it audience-participation.

I'm drawing a blank on other songs not mentioned. There are plenty of non-filk Superman songs out there, of course. And I'm certain I've heard a Batman or Elfquest filk sometime, somewhere.

"Bat Fax," by David Tucker, ttto "Sick Note," in the Contata 1994 program book.

I believe Terence Chua's "Halo Jones" is based on a comic book, but I'm not 100% certain.

One of my favorite has the phrase "Mutant heaven has revolving doors" (is that the title?) and it's a filk of "Heaven is a Place on Earth" performed (though unlikely written) by Belinda Carlisle. I'm sure the British filkers will be able to provide the correct title and lyric attribution.

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Thanks Mike! I certainly caught the Transept performance. Watching Phil spin around was the best!

For older comics, how about the original Captain Marvel? You can find THE BIG RED CHEESE here:

For my own works there's my Batman filk THE DARK KNIGHT, (though it has a direct reference to the BATMAN movie rather than the comics, I'd guess it would still be OK). I'll have to type out the lyrics later if you're still in need of more songs, I've got guests coming shortly.

Hello! Like your new journal layout.

I don't know if Luke Ski is considered filk, but i know he's played with Ookla before. He's got a rap about Peter Parker and an original song House Party at Arkham Asylum among others.

hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

sodyera has several original Batman songs that she performs in filk circles.

Superhero Songs lists references for comics references in song. It's broken down by character. It's not limited to filk though, since it includes more mainstream references as well.

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