New book projects since my last announcement: Random House Books For Children

In case some of you don't follow my regular blogs: I have two new book contracts, illustrating a picture book series for Random House Children's Books! Details here. This means that between now and 2016, I'll be working on SIX new picture books projects -- one of which I am writing as well as illustrating (for Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers). I so wish I could take some of the goodstuff now and spread it out a bit over the many years I was getting nothing but rejections, or at least send an earlier message to my earlier self and say, "Don't lose hope."

And I remain immensely grateful to my friend Beckett Gladney artbeco for convincing me to enter that first portfolio showcase back in 2010.

Urban Tapestry "I Am Stardust/The Universe Song" video, Allison's FKO reports

Thanks to Phil Mills phillip2637 for the video above, and to Karen Linsley for permission for posting this video. The song, "I Am Stardust" was written by our friend Lloyd Landa, who died in late 2000. You can read the lyrics to "I Am Stardust" on the Pegasus Awards site; it was nominated for Best Classic Filk Song in 2010.

Lloyd, we miss you.

From a moving tribute to Lloyd Landa by Norm Hacking

On her blog post about the video, Allison allisona writes:

This is a video taken by Phil Mills of Urban Tapestry singing "I Am StarDust" by Lloyd Landa at our 20th anniversary concert at FilKONtario last weekend. Debbie, Jodi and I love this song dearly and once Lloyd was gone from us too soon, it's always been an honour that his music partner Karen Linsley, who first sang the song with Lloyd, has encouraged us to continue singing it. I'm glad the filk community has taken "I Am Stardust" to their hearts and one of my favorite things about the video is listening to the audience singing along in the background.

Allison, Jodi and I had a wonderful time at FilKONtario. Kudos to the concom and guests! Allison has posted a series of con reports with photos on her blog:

Allison's FKO report, Part 1
Allison's FKO report, Part 2
Allison's FKO report, Part 3
Allison's FKO report, Part 4

For those who have arrived at this post from elsewhere and aren't familiar with filk, here's my own take on the topic: What Is Filk?

-- Debbie


Scrooge Moments

Back in 2004 on my Blatherings, I posted about Scrooge Moments. I revisit the post every so often, especially around the winter holiday season, in case it helps others:

The red balloon

Since my mother died and especially since my brother and his wife died, Christmas has never been the greatest time of the year for me.

The insistent Christmas carols piped into shopping malls, the glitter and party atmosphere, the increased barrage of BUYBUYBUY...I get cranky, resentful, impatient of the crowds. Deep down, I know that part of this Scroogelike attitude is because of the ache left behind by personal losses, bittersweet memories of past holiday seasons, but this knowledge doesn't help.

Read the rest on Blatherings.


My new 2-book deal with Harpercollins, gratitude, and I'M BORED press

[Updated December 23, 2012: I wasn't sure what was going to happen with this project when the editor, Maria Modugno, left Harpercollins to join Random House. However, a new editor has been assigned and I've been told that they still want me as illustrator (yay :)). Launch date is going to change, though. More details when I have them.]

I'm pleased to announce that I'm going to be illustrating the new RUBY ROSE series by Rob Sanders for Harpercollins. The first is titled RUBY ROSE ON HER TOES, and is tentatively scheduled to come out in 2014.

RubyRoseAnnounceDeb 500

I'm feeling so grateful to the people who have supported and encouraged me during my publication journey (like Beckett Gladney, who first convinced me to enter that illustration portfolio showcase back in 2010). I'll be writing more about many of them but right now, I'd like to once again thank Justin Chanda and Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers. Justin was the first editor/publisher to believe in me enough to offer me a book contract (I'M BORED), and other exciting opportunities have come my way as a result.

ImBoredPressCollage v2 600

You ca read what the press has been saying about I'M BORED.


Yayyy! I'M BORED launches in bookstores TODAY!!

Can't believe the day is finally here! It's been two years since a rejection turned into a book contract (thanks, artbeco!) with Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers to illustrate Michael Ian Black's I'M BORED.

I've updated the I'M BORED In The Wild photo gallery with more reader photos. I invite you all to send in your own photos: here are the guidelines and info about how to submit. Here's a recent photo that my sister-in-law Larkin sent in:

You can find more info about the book, related resources for teachers and librarians, photos, sketches of the book in progress, tips for young writers and illustrators, an I'M BORED In The Wild photo challenge, comics and much more: I'M BORED Scrapbook.

And thank you all so, so much for your continuing support and encouragement. :-)


I'M BORED book music video, with help from my friends (11 more days until the launch, YAAAY!)

I'm Bored Music Video (inspired by the new picture book from Simon & Schuster BFYR) from debsanderrol on Vimeo.

Thanks SOOOO much to my friend Errol Elumir and his 7-year-old daughter Zoe for making the video above possible. I'M BORED launches in 11 days, woohooo!!!!! 

You can find lyrics/chords to the song we co-wrote plus behind-the-scenes photos and info about how the trailer was made in the I'm Bored Scrapbook.


Birthday Scrapbook, Friends and Tears

Deb's 50th birthday scrapbook

Thank you SO much to everyone who contributed to my surprise Birthday Scrapbook, which Allison and Jodi presented to me earlier this week. I was pretty blown away and started bawling as soon as I realized what it was:

50th Birthday Scrapbook

Thanks especially to Allison and Jodi for organizing the gift! You can see more photos of me looking through the scrapbook in Allison's Flickr set and read her LJ post.

And again...THANK YOU.