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Urban Tapestry "I Am Stardust/The Universe Song" video, Allison's FKO reports

Thanks to Phil Mills phillip2637 for the video above, and to Karen Linsley for permission for posting this video. The song, "I Am Stardust" was written by our friend Lloyd Landa, who died in late 2000. You can read the lyrics to "I Am Stardust" on the Pegasus Awards site; it was nominated for Best Classic Filk Song in 2010.

Lloyd, we miss you.

From a moving tribute to Lloyd Landa by Norm Hacking

On her blog post about the video, Allison allisona writes:

This is a video taken by Phil Mills of Urban Tapestry singing "I Am StarDust" by Lloyd Landa at our 20th anniversary concert at FilKONtario last weekend. Debbie, Jodi and I love this song dearly and once Lloyd was gone from us too soon, it's always been an honour that his music partner Karen Linsley, who first sang the song with Lloyd, has encouraged us to continue singing it. I'm glad the filk community has taken "I Am Stardust" to their hearts and one of my favorite things about the video is listening to the audience singing along in the background.

Allison, Jodi and I had a wonderful time at FilKONtario. Kudos to the concom and guests! Allison has posted a series of con reports with photos on her blog:

Allison's FKO report, Part 1
Allison's FKO report, Part 2
Allison's FKO report, Part 3
Allison's FKO report, Part 4

For those who have arrived at this post from elsewhere and aren't familiar with filk, here's my own take on the topic: What Is Filk?

-- Debbie


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